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Collaborating at Work


Crafting the Future of Resource Equity.

About the Legacy

Melanate. is born from the radical mind of Sade Dozan—a seasoned fundraiser, movement mobilizer, and unapologetic protagonist and antagonist in the world of philanthropy. It is the embodiment of a legacy that demands a seismic shift, a catalyst for rewriting the narrative of equity and empowerment. This evolving paradigm is a fearless endeavor to dismantle systemic barriers, thrusting Black women to the forefront of change. Melanate. focuses on shifting both philanthropy and justice movement sectors, centering Black women in how they approach resource development. The message is simple—invest in Black women. Invest in our communities, and make it so those doing the resourcing and those resourced are one and the same. Melanate. is not just a legacy; it's a rebellious call to action—an invitation to join a journey towards a future where abundance, justice, and empowerment reverberate for generations.

The Mission.

Melanate.: Black Women Lead.

Melanate. is on a mission to revolutionize philanthropy and justice movements, disrupting traditional models to center Black women in resource development. We are committed to dismantling systemic barriers, sparking a paradigm shift that ensures those doing the resourcing and those resourced are one and the same. Through fearless advocacy, strategic initiatives, and unyielding empowerment, Melanate. strives to create a legacy of abundance, justice, and empowerment that resonates for generations to come.

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The Problem: In Numbers


Less than 2% of fundraisers globally hold a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) certificate—nearly 70% of those 2% are white women—leaving those at the center of resource advocacy and building work not reflective of the diversity found in many communities of impact.


63% of philanthropic foundations' program officers being white starkly highlights the underrepresentation of Black voices in a sector that directs resources to communities.


At 91% less than their white counterparts, Black-led organizations face a stark disparity in receiving unrestricted dollars, illuminating a systemic issue that undermines their financial sustainability and impact potential.

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The Melanate. Framework

an early-stage innovation set to revolutionize resource-building and distribution in the philanthropic and justice movement sectors., centers on three pillars. The first disrupts traditional norms, championing resource redistribution and equitable allocation. The second emphasizes generational impact, envisioning a future where Black women lead in hiring and mentorship. The third advocates for equitable leadership, elevating Black voices in decision-making within movement work and philanthropy.

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