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Sade Dozan + Melanate.

Over nearly two decades, Sade Dozan has passionately crafted systems of change for communities of color. Leveraging intrinsic knowledge, ancestral wisdom, and contemporary data, she mobilizes resources to steer solutions toward a more equitable wealth distribution. Melanate. represents the evolving framework heralding a new era in philanthropy.

As Melanate. unfolds, it becomes the catalyst propelling the intersectionality of resource-building, funding distribution mechanisms, and reshaping societal narratives. Welcome, and join us on this transformative journey.

All About Me

Sade Dozan, the dynamic force propelling Melanate., stands as a catalyst for resource building, policy development, and seismic shifts in philanthropy. Her commitment is unwavering – to elevate Black women into leadership roles within social movements. Sade's journey in philanthropy and social justice advocacy has been a powerful odyssey, underlined by an unshakeable belief:



A seasoned resource-builder and philanthropy advisor—Sade has orchestrated philanthropy and fundraisers alike to inspire change and redefine behavioral norms around resource building and distribution. Serving as a trusted advisor to various social sector institutions and advocacy organizations, she navigates the intricate landscape of effective fundraising, providing strategic guidance that leaves an indelible impact.

More About Melanate.

The founding of Melanate. is a direct extension of Sade's conviction in the transformative power of investing in Black women. Melanate. isn't just a framework; it's a resolute commitment to contribute to the legacy of Black women's agency, unwavering solidarity, and their indispensable role in catalyzing societal transformation. Sade envisions Melanate. as a guiding light for inclusive resource-building practices, reshaping philanthropy, and propelling social movements toward a future where Black women not only lead but define the very essence of transformative leadership. Join Sade on this unyielding journey, where genuine connections, heartfelt stories, and the unwavering belief in investing in Black women pave the way for lasting impact and a future sculpted by empowerment and equity.

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