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The Framework

Invest. Uplift. Reimagine.

In a landscape marred by systemic disparities, Melanate. rises to meet the urgent demand for transformative frameworks. As we navigate a philanthropic and justice movement sector marked by inherent inequities, Melanate. emerges as a beacon of change, driven by a profound recognition of the need to challenge existing norms and reshape societal narratives around worth and wealth. The urgency of our mission is underscored by the underrepresentation of Black women in pivotal resource leadership roles within foundations and nonprofits, a critical issue at the forefront of our agenda.

The Melanate. framework is not just a response to the gaps in current resource-building practices; it's a calculated call to action rooted in a deep understanding that sustainable change necessitates a fundamental shift in resource distribution. It emanates from a decade of reflection on ancestral responsibility, contemplating the imprint left for future generations and the imperative to disrupt the trajectory of resource distribution. Melanate. is positioned as a dynamic force for change, laying the groundwork for a future where inclusivity is the cornerstone of progress, reshaping the sector for a more equitable and impactful future.

Scheduled to launch in 2025, the Melanate. framework is not conceived in isolation but builds upon extensive learnings within the sector. It incorporates a multipronged approach, including listening sessions that center groups of Black women at the heart of impact, interviews spanning resource-building sectors involving foundation representatives, nonprofit leaders, and fundraisers.


Historical narratives play a pivotal role, drawing on the truths of how Black women have historically cared for and resource-built their communities.

Melanate.'s development process is a testament to its commitment to inclusivity and authenticity. It seeks to distill the collective wisdom and experiences of those who have been at the forefront of resource building within the Black community. By fusing historical learnings, contemporary insights, and the lived experiences of Black women, Melanate. aspires to be more than a framework; it aims to be a catalyst for a transformative movement in resource-building practices, ensuring a legacy of empowerment and equitable distribution of resources for generations to come.

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1. Build Black Women's Leadership in Resource Roles

  • Elevate and empower Black women to positions of influence as program officers and fundraisers.

  • Prioritize mentorship and support systems to ensure the growth and development of Black women in resource leadership roles.

  • Create pathways for entry and advancement, dismantling barriers that hinder Black women's access to resource-building positions.

2. Shift Societal Narratives on Worth and Wealth

  • Challenge and redefine societal norms regarding worth and wealth, particularly as they pertain to Black individuals and communities.

  • Amplify narratives that emphasize the value and contributions of Black women in resource-building and distribution.

  • Engage in storytelling and advocacy to reshape public perceptions and encourage a broader understanding of wealth that extends beyond financial metrics.

3. Drive Paradigm Shifts in Resource Trust and Policies

  • Advocate for a paradigm shift where Black women are trusted with resources to drive community change.

  • Work towards policies and procedures within foundations and nonprofits that reflect a commitment to equity and inclusion in resource work.

  • Encourage a comprehensive review and restructuring of organizational frameworks to ensure alignment with the principles of Melanate., promoting trust, and empowering Black women as key decision-makers in resource distribution.

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