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The Certified FREed Fund

50 Black Women. Certified Fundraising Executive Fees Covered.

In the Spring of 2024, Melanate. is launching a groundbreaking Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) support program exclusively for Black women.

Our goal is ambitious yet achievable:

get 50 Black women officially certified as CFREs.

Structured in groups of 10, this initiative provides a nurturing community, targeted study sessions, culturally pertinent content, and hands-on application guidance, ensuring a successful journey to navigate and pass the CFRE exam.


Fees Covered. Fully Supported. The End


The "Certified FREed Fund" is not just a tongue-in-cheek name; it embodies a profound truth.


Black women have been the unsung heroes of fundraising and resource-building, harnessing the power of community long before formal studies recognized it.


From our ancestors who pooled resources to buy freedom from slavery to the pivotal role of Black churches in rights movements, our legacy spans over 500 years of grassroots resourcing. The Certified FREed Fund by Melanate. acknowledges the breadth of our experience, that Black people have a deep-rooted history of building mutual aid societies, reclaiming and redistributing resources within our communities, and working in, around, and through systems that were intentionally built to exclude us.


It's not just an activation fund; it's a celebration of the enduring strength and resourcefulness within Black communities, and a direct investment recognizing the ongoing work that needs to be done—through and with Black women.

Whether you have 3 years or 30 years of experience in the field, our program welcomes all, recognizing that expertise often transcends formal assessments. Join us in building a stronger, more inclusive future, where your skills and knowledge are not just recognized but celebrated.

The Innagual Cohort application opens Spring of 2024.

Check back in May for more details!

Community Support:

  • Engage with a supportive community of Black women fundraisers who share similar experiences and challenges.

  • Access mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals to enhance your professional journey.

Holistic Professional Development:

  • Beyond CFRE certification preparation, our program includes coaching sessions, study materials, and resources for comprehensive professional growth.

  • Foster lifelong skills and connections that extend beyond the certification process.

Support for Exam Success:

  • We'll cover the fees, so it's one less thing for you to focus on—we'll help you pick a time to register, tips and tricks for the exam, and the overall support increases your chances of success in the CFRE exam.

  • If you don't pass on the first attempt (but we feel good that you've got this), benefit from additional assistance and preparation.

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