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1. Build Black Women's Leadership in Resource Roles

We are committed to reshaping the landscape of resource-building by elevating and empowering Black women in crucial roles. Our approach focuses on providing tailored pathways for both nonprofit fundraisers and philanthropy program officers, recognizing the unique challenges each group faces.

Below is the first tenant in action.

FREed Fund

CFRE Mastery for Black Women

"FREed" Application Coming in 2024

The Certified FREed Fund by Melanate. empowers Black women in fundraising with a cohort-based program, aiming to support 50 individuals in obtaining Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) credentials. This initiative welcomes participants at all career stages, offering guidance, community, and a transformative pathway to challenge and navigate existing systems.

Program Officers

Black Women & Co-Conspirators

Embark on a paradigm-shifting journey with Melanate., where your commitment to equitable leadership aligns seamlessly with our mission. As philanthropy program officers, you play a pivotal role, and we are dedicated to supporting you in elevating and empowering Black women in resource roles. Through targeted mentorship and support systems, we aim to cultivate an environment where Black women not only enter but flourish in positions of influence. Together we will dismantle barriers, create pathways for growth, and reshape the landscape of resource leadership in philanthropy. More information to come!


Black Women & Co-Conspirators

Welcome to a transformative space committed to elevating your journey in resource leadership. At Melanate., we recognize the unique challenges faced by Black women in the nonprofit sector. Our focus is on empowering you to thrive as fundraisers, providing dedicated mentorship, and creating clear pathways for your growth. Here, we believe in dismantling barriers and ensuring that you not only enter but advance in resource-building roles. Together we will reshape the narrative and amplify your impact in the philanthropic landscape. More information to come!

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