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3. Drive Paradigm Shifts in Resource Trust and Policies

  • Policy Audit & Equity Alignment

  • Thought Trust & Coaching

  • Organizational Framework Development

Melanate. champions a paradigm shift that places trust and resources directly in the hands of Black women, positioning them as catalysts for community change.


Our advocacy extends to the realms of policy and procedure within foundations and nonprofits, pushing for a profound commitment to equity and inclusion in resource work. Melanate. calls for a thorough review and restructuring of organizational frameworks, aligning them with our principles to foster trust and empower Black women as pivotal decision-makers in the strategic distribution of resources.

Advocating for Trust & Resource Allocation

  • Challenge and reshape existing norms to advocate for a paradigm shift where Black women are entrusted with resources to drive meaningful community change.

  • Develop strategies and initiatives that actively promote the direct involvement of Black women in decision-making processes related to resource allocation.

  • Engage in dialogues and partnerships with foundations and nonprofits to foster a culture of trust and collaboration.

Policy & Organizational Restructuring

  • Advocate for policies and procedures within foundations and nonprofits that reflect a strong commitment to equity and inclusion in resource work.

  • Facilitate comprehensive reviews of existing organizational frameworks, identifying areas for restructuring to align with Melanate.'s principles.

  • Promote the empowerment of Black women as key decision-makers in resource distribution by influencing organizational structures and governance.

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