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Invest in Melanate.

Your investment powers a transformative blueprint for resource equity. As we work diligently to secure fiscal sponsorship, your support is crucial in propelling our vision forward. Every contribution becomes a building block, shaping a future where Black women lead and redefine the landscape of resource distribution. 

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Directly Invest Funds

Support the Certified FREed Cohort

Why Invest in Melanate.?

Simply put when you invest in Black Women you invest in the future. 

Building on that, Melanate. aligns with a commitment to social justice, equity, and the empowerment of Black women. Your support is not just an investment in a framework; it's an investment in reshaping the future of resource equity and contributing to a more inclusive and impactful philanthropic sector.

  • Empower Black Women: Your investment supports initiatives that elevate Black women into resource leadership roles, creating a legacy of empowerment.

  • Reshape Narratives: Contribute to reshaping societal norms surrounding worth and wealth, with an emphasis on the value of Black women in resource-building.

  • Drive Systemic Change: Your support fuels efforts to advocate for policy shifts within foundations and nonprofits, promoting trust and inclusion in resource work.

Fiscal Sponsorship

We are fiscally sponsored by POISE Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in PA—as such, all contributions are tax deductible. 

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